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Is there a time period in Washington in which I have to file my claim?

Posted by attorney Kevin Conner

In a word, yes. A statute of limitation (sol) is a law which places a time limit on pursuing a legal remedy in relation to a specific act of negligence of legally wrongful conduct. If the sol is not complied with, pursuing the claim is barred forever. The following Washington State information is general in nature but I advise people to seek a free consultation with a qualified attorney when calculatingm a statute of limitation:

An action must be commenced within 2 years for libel, slander, assault, assault and battery, or false imprisonment. See RCW 4.16.100.

An action must be commenced within 3 years for a negligent act. See RCW 4.16.080.

An action must be commenced within 6 years for breach of a written (but not oral) contract. See RCW 4.16.040.

Statute of limitation information for a cause of action arising out of childhood sexual abuse is found at RCW 4.16.340 and statute of limitation information for a cause of action arising out of medical malpractice is found at RCW 4.16.350.

The "commencement" of an action can only be understood with an analysis of the following statutes and cases: CR 3 & 4; RCW 4.16.170, 4.28.080, 4.28.100, 46.64.040, and 48.05.200; as well as Collins vs. Lomas & Nettleton Co., 29 Wn. App. 415 (1981) and Miebach vs. Colasurdo, 35 Wn. App. 803 (1983).

Again, the above information only applies to Washington State cases.

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