Written by attorney Jeffery Michael Haupt

Is Pre-Trial Diversion a Good Deal?

In St. Joseph County Indiana, as with many counties throughout this country, there is a program that you may be able to enter where you can essentially have your charges dismissed after completing a certain amount of time in a program that is essentially the same as probation, but without the conviction. While this may seem like a great offer, you should consult an attorney first.

The local pre-trial diversion program in my county can cost a few hundred dollars and takes a year to complete. During this year you have to be on perfect behavior. While this program can be a great way for someone to avoid a conviction on their criminal record, it is generally good for cases with little or no chance of getting a dismissal, not guilty verdict, or very good plea deal.

At the end of the day, a criminal defense attorney will be able to evaluate the strength of the State's case against you and to let you know whether your entry in to a pre-trial diversion program is the best approach to your individual needs and situation.

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