Written by attorney James Morris Balagia

Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Testing

Mad Scientists Create Freedom Eating Monster (Intelligent Fingerprinting is Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood) by Jamie Balagia (the 420 Dude) The latest and certainly one of the most frightening scientific advances soon to be released upon the world population is something called "Intelligent Fingerprinting". It is a recently developed detection system that uses your own fingerprint sweat to snitch on, none other than - you. I can remember watching the old science fiction horror movies in my youth and they dealt with ideas like this one. Once again we find that our government, our military and our law enforcement agencies are using scientific technology against us - the public, the citizens, the people they are supposed to be serving. That's our government at work - "stick your finger in this device and we will label you a criminal!" Intelligent Fingerprinting is a company formed in 2008 by Professor David Russell of the University of Anglia (UEA)in collaboration with researchers at King's College, England. The Intelligent Fingerprinting device uses high sensitivity detection reagents to identify metabolite substances in the sweat contained in fingerprints. The Initial studies have demonstrated the ability of the technique for the detection of metabolites of drugs of abuse. Unfortunately, the studies have also successfully shown that it is possible to both identify an individual and at the same time reveal private information about their lifestyle. Weird scientific advances like this one are the beginning of the end of personal freedom. Intelligent Fingerprinting has raised two million pounds (or a little over three million dollars) in funding from a consortium of private United States based investors. Wouldn't you know that it would be money from our own country that would finance another step towards the enslavement of the people. It would be interesting to find out just who these investors are and what other industries and investments they are involved in. I would love to see if any of these investors are members of our government or front companies for our government. The investment deal follows the recent announcement of the company’s prototype fingerprint drug-testing device – the first of its kind in the world. The investment will allow the unique product, which detects illegal drugs from the sweat in fingerprints, to be marketed worldwide. I thought it interesting that the company lists "illegal drugs" as the substance that the device seeks to identify. What about prescription drugs, homeopathic medicines or mimicking substances that can be mistaken for illegal drugs.It seems interesting that we can't seem to find enough money to adequately research the cures for cancer, diabetes, HIV, childhood diseases and so many other blights on our health. But advertise a devise that will reach into our personal business and help the criminal justice system create more arrests and more citizens with a criminal history and the money flows. And what safeguards do we have that this device will be further advanced to take DNA samples while it has your finger inside it. And what will be done with the record created by the test run on your sweat and what limitations will be in place for privacy issues. I immediately thought of the abuses that this technology could bring into our lives. How can we be sure that the device accurately tests for the metabolites. Think about the increasing number of scandals that are coming out of the labs run by law enforcement agencies. The Gas Chromatograph (GC) is an extremely expensive instrument ($500,000.00) that forensic scientific labs use to test blood (for alcohol, DNA and drugs), liquids, solids, drugs, and all types of physical evidence that are submitted during a criminal investigation. The GC uses a Mass Spectrometer or a Flame Ionization Detector or a UV/Vis DAD system. Since you don't know what in the world any of that means how can you know whether the Police Forensic Lab isn't cheating on the tests with expensive instruments? You don't know and you are smart to assume that the police labs cut corners, buy the lowest bid materials and equipment and are held to lower standards than the high end scientific laboratories that do testing for the private sector. You might as well know that their employees are not the brightest and the best graduates of the top universities. If you got your forensic toxicology degree from MIT, Harvard, Stanford or the University of Texas would you actually try to get hired on at a state police lab run by law enforcement types? I don't think so. And what testing will be done to assure that the device is incapable of making a false reading. While the company provide funds to replace those you have to spend on your lawyer and his expert witnesses to fight a wrongful charge. Or what if you are locked up and lose your job because of a false reading. If you are on probation you can rest assured that the judge will believe the device before ever believing your denial. How hard would it be to plan a trace amount of an illegal drug in the device so that your finger has to go across the drug before it reaches the area that takes the reading. I find it interesting and sad that Smart Start Incorporated, an ignition interlock device company, is the company that will be introducing, promoting and advancing this monstrous device into the law enforcement community. Smart Start advertises that their ignition interlock device saves lives by disabling drivers from driving if their blood alcohol is over a certain limit. I suppose they will market this device as something that will help you get into a treatment center for whatever drug problem it determines and documents against you. Certainly it is a device meant to label you as an illegal drug user and that record will make it into the courtroom and the court record is a public record. Just how far will this go before reputations are wrongfully destroyed and careers ruined by a false reading. I wonder if the device will save a sample of your sweat so that you can prove it mistakenly identified a non-prohibited metabolite as one that has criminal implications. What will the cutoff level be set at so that if you go to a concert and get some second hand smoke in your lungs you don't get accused of smoking some killer weed. What if you touch something that has someone else's sweat on it and that person was using illegal drugs. Or if someone handles illegal drugs and transfers that substance onto a surface that you touch just prior to getting your intelligent fingerprint taken by a potential employer. Had you thought of that issue? What prohibits your current employer from using this device at your workplace? Can the teachers at your child's school force them to give their intelligent fingerprint? Maybe your pastor or priest will decide this is better than a confessional. Will it be installed on the steering wheel of your vehicle along with an ignition interlock device that Toyota is talking about installing on all the cars it makes in the near future? Most automobiles already have a black box installed in the newer model vehicles so that the police can see what happened just before you had a collision. That device takes and saves readings on speed, braking, and other vehicle conditions that were occurring while you were operating your car. With the recent court rulings that authorize police officers to search your cell phone for numbers, emails, Facebook information, text messages, contacts, voice messages and tweets if you are arrested it is hard to imagine how the technology will be used against us next. Take the time to go to, and and read the information provided to help educate you on your legal rights and some sound advice on how to respond to law enforcement agents during an investigation of you, your family or your fiends. Learn what steps to take and gain helpful information that can protect you in a time of uncertainty. Then look at the intelligent fingerprint device I have written about at Remember that knowledge is power and you cannot possess that power unless you take the time to educate yourself. I am not promoting the illegal use of drugs or any use of illegal drugs but I am fearful of what damage can be done when our government is empowered to utilize science against the freedom of the people instead of for the betterment of the people. All it takes to lose our freedom is to remain silent or blissfully ignorant of what our government is doing while they take measures that can be used against lawful and peaceful citizens just as easily as against terrorists and hard core criminals. Read the Amendments to the Constitution and read the Texas Constitution sometime instead of watching the television or playing a video game. There are some very suspicious activities being conducted by our own government as you are reading this article. Stay watchful, stay alert, stay vocal, stay informed and stay vigilant, my friends.

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