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December 2, 2011

Insurance Company Misinformation

Insurance companies use misinformation (propaganda) to make people believe that we have a "lawsuit crisis" in America. The insurance companies would like people to believe that we have an out of control justice system that gives away millions of dollars to someone who has sustained only minor injuries. If you have been involved in a car, motorcycle or other type of accident and have been injured, you need to speak to a Sarasota Personal Injury Attorney about understanding and protecting your rights.

The insurance company propaganda is designed to convince people that insurance companies and large corporations are the "victims" of frivolous lawsuits. This "misinformation" is repeated over and over and unfortunately, the message has had a negative effect on jury verdicts. Whether they know it or not, jurors have been influenced unconsciously by insurance company propaganda, so when they hear the term "pain and suffering" naturally they are skeptical.

Insurance is a business and their goal is to maximize profits. Insurance companies will train their adjusters with ways to save money for the Company. There are several tactics insurance adjusters will use to save money. They will delay because time is on their side and they hope to wear you down so you will accept their settlement offer. They will request information and documentation even if the information has no bearing on the claim. This tactic can frustrate people to the point that they accept the insurance company's low settlement offer. The insurance adjuster may dispute your need for medical treatment or agree to accept only a certain percentage of your medical charges.

The insurance adjuster will also try to discourage you from hiring a personal injury attorney by telling you that the attorney will delay everything and that you will recover just as much from the insurance company if you do not hire a lawyer, than if you did hire a car accident lawyer, and they will claim you will get your settlement faster. The insurance adjuster might misrepresent the amount of coverage that is available to you or not tell you about certain benefits that you are eligible for. These are just some of the tactics used by insurance companies to wear down injured victims in order to save the company money.

Sarasota Car Crash Victims in Danger of Losing their Rights to Fair Compensation for their Injuries

The misinformation campaign has become a movement. The movement is known by the name of "tort reform." Citizens should be protected against unfair practices of insurance companies and large corporations. Tort reform would help insurance companies withhold fair settlements to consumers. Consumers need to educate themselves against the propaganda campaign being waged by insurance companies and corporations.

Right now, big insurance companies, chemical companies, oil and gas and cigarette companies are engaged in a political campaign to change the laws in almost every state. This is called "tort reform". They are trying to impose arbitrary caps on the amount of money an injured victim can recover in a lawsuitregardless of how badly you are injured or how much money you have expended in medical costs! In essence, the insurance companies want to "cap" your rights to recover what is legally appropriate in order to control their costs and further maximize their profits.

Don't accept the insurance company's settlement. Hire a lawyer to fight for you. If you have sustained a personal injury as the result of someone else's negligence, you should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. Call the personal injury attorneys at Morgan Dramis, P.A. to schedule an appointment for a free consultation at (941) 953-4555.

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