Written by attorney Christopher Michael Davis | Apr 25, 2013

Injuries from Extreme Sports and How to Avoid Them

Skateboarding, BMX bicycling, snowboarding and other types of extreme sports are extremely popular among the younger generation, and with the popularity of extreme sports competitions such as the X Games on the rise there are more and more children participating in extreme sportsand similar activities.


And as exciting as it can be to fly through the air on a BMX bike or skateboard, the inherent risk of suffering serious personal injury during extreme sports is very high. In fact:

  • Injuries from skateboarding send an estimated 50,000 people to the hospital each year in the U.S.
  • Nearly 60 percent of all skateboard injuries in the United States involve children under the age of 15.
  • More than 150,000 people suffered injuries that required an emergency room visit from snowboarding and skiing in 2007.
  • Almost 25,000 people under the age of 19 are injured in motocross-related accidents each year in the United States.


Practically all sports carry some level of risk for personal injury for those who participate in them, but extreme sports – the name itself is particularly foreshadowing – are even more dangerous. Various types of safety equipment are designed to help extreme sports athletes prevent serious injuries, but defective products can actually increase a person’s risk of being injured.

All extreme sports athletes should be well-hydrated and wear all necessary gear to ensure adequate protection from falls and other types of accidents. Checking all protective safety equipment for any broken pieces or malfunctioning parts can also help prevent serious injuries that often result from extreme sports accidents.

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