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Injured Victim Contacts 100 Lawyers. Only 2 Replied. "You Were a Miracle," He Says

Posted by attorney Gerald Oginski

I can best describe what happened to Arthur as a "Nightmare." Arthur was a gentleman who traveled from Massachusetts to Queens, New York for dental care, a task that caused him to drive over 400 miles every time he went to his dentist.

This doctor convinced Arthur that it would be to his benefit to have almost all of his teeth extracted and then put in dental implants. He was very convincing. He made very good arguments about why this was necessary.

Arthur agreed to have almost all of his teeth in his mouth removed. One day the doctor simply up and disappeared. The doctor could not be found. Calls to his office went unanswered. Weeks later, the front page of the New York Post reported exactly what happened to this doctor.

Turns out, his business literally went up in flames. Rather than notifying all his patients that he was immediately stopping practice and giving them options on how to continue their treatment, he simply abandoned his patients and literally left them high and dry.

Today's story is about Arthur who wrote the most incredible letter that you need to listen to.

"Thank you once again Mr. Oginski. Thanks to your efforts and knowledge of the law our situation turned from a tragedy to a miracle - wherein now, despite my disability, my wife can afford to take care of me at home rather than my being confined in a nursing home at the age of 53.

I am serious and sincere in telling you that you have been part of a "grand miracle" which has not only helped restore my mouth but in some ways restored my faith in the Lord."

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