Written by attorney Sean Michael Cichowski

Injured? Beware of Giving A Statement

If you are hurt at work or in a car wreck, many times a company or insurance representative will contact you after a few days to try and get a statement. Be very wary of these people. They are professionals whose job is to diminish your claim from the outset. If someone asks you to give a statement, it is a clear sign that they intend to fight your claim. In this case, I recommend immediately hiring a lawyer, who will then make sure you don't fall into the traps these investigators set.

If you are convinced that you do not want a lawyer, be careful. These early statements will always be used against you as your claim progresses. Whenever filling out any accident report, speaking to a police officer, or making any sort of statement, be sure to clearly and unequivocally tell your complete story. Don't let anyone cut you off or leave part of it out.

Do not sign anything unless you feel like you have been fully heard and that the statement you are signing includes ALL of the information you want on the record.

Post-injury accident reports, police reports, and injury reports are some of the strongest evidence in a case. If you do not tell the person creating the report that a certain part of your body is hurting, they will use that against you at trial.

Many times when people are hurt at work, they feel like they should cover up parts of their injuries, either because it is just "soreness" or because they worry for their job. This is a critical mistake.

When you suffer an injury in a car wreck, tell the police officer at the scene everything that hurts you or even just feels odd. When you are hurt at work, make sure the incident report has a clear narrative of all the parts of your body that don't feel right. Many times after a traumatic event, things that are "just sore" or feel odd will manifest into more serious issues. Your claims are much stronger if these injuries are reported from the beginning.

To learn more about your legal rights after you've been injured in an accident, click here.

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