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Inheritance Tax Return

Posted by attorney Kenneth Vercammen

NJ Inheritance tax & Changes to Inheritance Tax Returns The NJ Inheritance Tax Return instructions were revised in 2008. The L-9 Resident Decedent Affidavit Requesting Real Property Tax Waiver Form was revised in 2007. Throw out your old forms. Even if no inheritance tax due, a Tax Waiver on a house must be obtained and filed if the house was not co-owned by the spouse. New Jersey law requires that a copy of the Federal estate tax return be filed with the NJ Inheritance Tax Branch within 30 days after the filing of the original with the Federal government. Also, the Branch must receive a copy of any communication from the Federal government making any final change in the return, or confirming, increasing or reducing the tax shown to be due. New Jersey has an Estate Tax on amounts over $675,000. So, even if no Federal Estate Tax due, the estate must still file a Federal Estate Tax Return, plus NJ Estate Tax Return.

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