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Inconclusive Biopsy? Have You Thought About These Things?

Maryland Medical Malpractice Attorney Talks Helpful Suggestions When Your Biopsy Is Inconclusive…

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Your may have had a spot or lump on your skin or breast and you may think that it is cancer. The first thing that you do is contact your doctor for an appointment.

You doctor also notices the lump and refers you for a biopsy.

When the results of the biopsy are returned, they are inconclusive.

Inconclusive results can occur for a variety of reasons. Such as: the sample size was not large enough, the sample did not contain enough of the affected tissue, there could have been a problem in the lab processing the sample, and others.

When initial results are inconclusive many doctors may suggest taking the wait and see approach.

They will monitor the location of the suspected area for size and shape changes and act accordingly if changes occur.

They may also suggest a second biopsy to get a better sample size.

However, an inconclusive biopsy does not necessarily mean that a problem exists. It should give you fair warning that communication between you and your doctor(s) is critical. You know your body better than your doctor does, so if you feel that something is wrong or if you notice changes in size and shape prior to subsequent medical appointments, you should alert your doctors as soon as possible.

The key to fighting and curing cancer is to begin treatment as soon as possible.

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