Written by attorney Jared E Everton

Inappropriate Touching between Children at Day Care Shows Lack of Supervision

While it may not be unheard of for children to touch each other inappropriately without bad intentions, it’s when things go too far that parents should rightfully be concerned. On a parenting web forum on, a mother posted her concern after her child was involved in an inappropriate touching incident while at daycare.

Apparently, children were left unsupervised regularly in the “in the playroom while the provider" would sit on the couch in another room. The particular incident, which involved three children, was witnessed by the daycare provider when she walked into the playroom to find the children with their pants down acting inappropriately. After questioning her child, the mother discovered that the three children involved were frequently sent to the basement to watch movies while the younger children had naptime.

Similarly, in Florida in April 2009, a couple claimed that their four-year-old daughter was molested by another little boy. This couple sued the daycare facility for negligence, in a $5 million lawsuit.

As a parent, it can be upsetting and confusing when you feel that your child has been through a traumatic situation like this. If you have a child enrolled in a daycare facility, you have the right to expect that they will be under constant supervision and that they should never be subjected to anything inappropriate.

If your child has been involved in an inappropriate touching incident while under the supervision of a daycare provider, I recommend that you contact an Arizona Personal Injury attorney to discuss your situation. Call (480)-648-8928 to schedule a FREE consultation with attorney, Jared Everton, today.

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