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In Criminal Defense and Foreclosure Defense you MUST have an attorney

There is an expression that say, "An attorney who represents himself, has a fool for a client." This means an attorney who represents himself is a fool. So you can imagine what attorneys and judges think of non-attorneys who represent themselves. I know that sounds a little gruff, but litigation can be very ugly, that is why many people don't like attorneys. Ted Bundy was a law student who represented himself for being a serial killer. Probably no attorney in the world could have defended him, but him representing himself did NOT help his case. I know it sounds self-serving for an attorney to say hire an attorney, but I did not say hire me. I live in Miami and work in Ft. Lauderdale and am licensed in KY as well. I cannot do too much from here if you are in Jacksonville or Louisville unless hired--but my office does have clients all over Florida because we have a good reputation and we market ourselves a lot. Attorneys have to see the paperwork in your case. We are committing malpractice if we don't. This website is great for a couple of questions, but an attorney cannot give you good, competent, and thorough advice based on an email. So, I might be nice and try to give you advice, but I have to make a lot of assumptions. What if I'm wrong? I'm on the hook for malpractice, not you. In foreclosure defense and in criminal defense--in any case where you are the defendant, the other side: the plaintiff or the prosecutor is supposed to produce all the evidence and do all the work to prove that the Defendant is wrong. IN FORECLOSURE DEFENSE THIS JOB HAS SHIFTED TO THE DEFENDANT. I'm dead serious!! It is not supposed to be that way, but that is what most judges are doing. There are a few judges out there that are holding the fire to the Plaintiffs, but most are holding to the fire to the Defendant's. I read a long time ago that this is what happens in Japan . . .they don't have to prove you are guilty or are "wrong", you have to prove that you are innocent or "not wrong". Prosecutors are not gong to talk to you most of the time. Foreclosure attorneys that work for the bank are definitely not going to talk to you. They don't have to either unless you are representing yourself pro se and have filed documents with the clerk. Attorneys hire attorneys and doctors hire doctors. Doctors don't treat themselves unless it is the flu or a skin rash. Attorneys don't represent themselves unless they have something very simple like a traffic ticket. The point is that you will get no respect representing yourself from the judge. The judge won't say and is not allowed to say it, but in the back of their mind, they are thinking, "What in the H**l are you doing?" You can represent yourself for awhile . . .but mistakes are hard to correct. Mistakes are hard for an attorney to correct!!!!

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