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Impaired Driving on Military Installation

Posted by attorney F. Powers

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Hi, I'm Bill Powers and I am an attorney in North Carolina. As you might realize, we have a lot of military bases here, whether it's the Marines or Army or Air Force or Navy, and sometimes people get arrested and charged with impaired driving on the base and don't realize that that could have a really bad effect on your driver's license in the rest of the state or I guess where the rest of us civilians drive around. The law in North Carolina that allows a suspension on our roads within the state, due to offenses on a base or an installation, is found under Chapter 20 of the North Carolina General Statutes, Section 16, Subsection 8b. Oh boy, that's a mouthful, but to simplify that, what it basically says is that if you have had an impaired driving offense, that would have resulted in a suspension on the base, and that base had some kind of administrative proceeding or a court martial, that your license here can be revoked. It can be a little bit complicated, so please, give us a call if you have a license issue in North Carolina regarding your service in the military. The consultation is always free as well as confidential.

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