Written by attorney C. C. Abbott

Immigration: The Best Methods to Determine Current Fees for Filing Forms

One of the biggest delays when filing immigration forms is the return of the complete package because the fees were incorrectly filed. There are three methods available that can assist in attempting to have the correct fees filed with the application.

  1. Check on the USCIS website and specifically print off the form and instructions for that form. The information contained on the USCIS site is the most current version of the form. Many sites on the Internet have older forms available that can be outdated not only for the required fees but for the actual content of the form.

  1. Contact USCIS Customer service and request for the agent to provide you with the fee for specific form you wish to file with USCIS. The Agent can also advise you as to any future planned increase in fees so you can ensure you file before an increase.

  1. Review the current Form G-1055, Fee Schedule document located on the USCIS homepage that will have a listing of the current fees for each form that can be submitted to USCIS.

It is always advisable to contact an experienced immigration attorney who can examine the education and employment history of the alien and provide a legal opinion before any forms are submitted to USCIS to determine if there are any errors or omissions that can result in a delay of the processing of the request for immigration benefits.

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