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Immigrant Services Network of Austin, Texas ISNAUSTIN.ORG

Posted by attorney Thomas Esparza

Austin Community College

Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition

Austin Police Department, Victim Services

Austin Public Library

Catholic Charities of Central Texas

English at Work

Foundation Communities / Community Tax Centers

Immigration Counseling and Outreach Services

The Law Offices of Thomas Esparza, Jr.

Literacy Coalition of Central Texas


Travis County Health and Human Services & Veterans Service

Travis County Sheriff’s Office

Travis County Sheriff’s Office, Victim Services

Workers Defense Project / Proyecto Defensa Laboral (PDL)

Want to become a member? Click here to download a membership form. You can give your completed form to the Steering Committee at any ISNA General Meeting."

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With the completion of the Travis County Immigrant Assesment in 2008, a working group of diverse community stakeholders and immigrant service providers operating together to coordinate efforts, increase public awareness, and inform policy, in order to better serve the immigrant community of Central Texas.

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