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Illegal Transportation of Alcohol Laws in Illinois

It is illegal to transport any alcoholic beverage in the passenger area of a motor vehicle unless the liquid is in its original container and the seal is unbroken. A second or subsequent conviction of this section will generally result in a substantial driver's license suspension. A driver under 21 years of age who is convicted of this section will also generally receive a driver's license suspension.

There are also a great many other traffic offenses that deal with the transportation, consumption or purchase of alcohol by adults as well as minors. Although generally, a sentence of supervision is an acceptable sentence on most alcohol related offenses and does not result in the loss of driving privileges, this is not always correct. In particular, certain offenses that relate to alcohol and minors can result in the suspension of driving privileges, even if the sentence is a non-conviction, such as supervision. Of even greater surprise to many clients, as well as other attorneys who do not concentrate their practices in this area of traffic law, is that in some circumstances, a suspension may occur even though the offense did not involve a motor vehicle. As driving privileges often are at stake when charged with such a traffic offense, the services of a qualified attorney familiar with this area of law are vital.

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The best outcome for a person facing such a charge is to convince the prosecution to dismiss the case. However, if the prosecution is unwilling to dismiss the case, experienced attorneys can review your case to determine whether a defense may apply. In most cases, the prosecutor must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, so if an agreement cannot be reached with the prosecutor or judge, your criminal defense attorney will be properly prepared to take your case to trial.

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