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If You Pay For Someone Else’s Legal Fees Are You The Client Too?

Maryland Medical Malpractice Lawyer Marcus Boston Explains Who The Client Is When A 3rd Party Pays Legal Fees…

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Have you ever wondered that if you pay the legal fees of someone else, who does the attorney represent?

We can see these issues come up sometimes in criminal cases, or even family law cases.

Does the person paying the legal fees have any say so in the case, or to put it another way, does the attorney client privilege also stretch to this person?

One of the reasons why we are talking about this important issue in this educational video is because there seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding the issue.


One of the corner stones of the attorney client privilege deals with the fact that what is said to the attorney cannot be revealed to anyone.

This is important because it allows the client to freely open up to the attorney and divulge important facts of the case.

If clients fear that they cannot speak freely to their attorney, then they are more likely to not open up, or they even may fabricate parts of the facts.


When a 3rd party pays for someone else’s legal fees in Maryland, they have to understand that the client is the person who the attorney is paying the legal fees on behalf.

This means that principles like the attorney client privilege will not cover the person paying the legal fees.

In addition, the attorney will have to listen to the wishes of the client, even though someone else is paying.

For some people this can be a hard issue to understand because they feel that since they are paying, they are the ones who should have say about how the case works.

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