Written by attorney Inna Fershteyn

If You Just Have a Will, You May Be in Big Trouble! Watch This Now!

NY leading estate planning attorney Inna Fershteyn explains the difference between a trust and a Will. The Probate can be difficult, it takes longer than people want. It's expensive, a hassle, it's a court proceeding. There's a big estate planning problem out there. The titling process is getting neglected causing families to go through probate.

Do these three things: (1) Share this information. Surely you know other friends and colleagues that can benefit from this information. If you are an estate planning attorney, share with your clients along with a note to contact you if they need legal help. If you are a financial advisor, share with your clients and prospective clients along with a note to contact you if they need help titling and beneficiary designations. (2) Receive advice from qualified estate planning attorney in your state! If you need a lawyer’s help, get it. (3) Write a Comment. if this video can help one person avoid probate and make things easier for their survivors, it’s worth it. Comment with your positive comments and experiences on youtube or linkedin or wherever else you might see or hear this, so that others can and will benefit from your experience.

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