Written by attorney Keith Landry Magness

If hurt by a minor who was drinking at a neighbor's home, can I sue person who provided the alcohol?

Ordinarily under Louisiana law the social host, the person who had the party, who served liquor is not responsible for the person who consumed the liquor and went out and may have gotten in an accident. That only applies to adults of drinking age, so if the person is 21 and over and went to a party, a holiday party, let's say, got on the road, and got in accident with you, they certainly would be responsible but most likely, you cannot go after the homeowner. That changes however if the person who was on the road and ran into you was a minor, somebody under 21, not of legal age to drink. That circumstance, then yes, we would absolutely explore a potential action against that homeowner to help provide additional compensation to you for improperly serving an underage person and letting them out on the road.

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