Written by attorney Mohammad Akif Saleem

ICE Raids: 3 Ways Immigrants Can Protect Themselves as Explained by an Immigration Attorney

ICE raids previously scheduled before the 4th of July are now being reported by NYTimes as starting this Sunday 7/14. Reports indicate this enforcement action could impact 2,000 or more families in ten major cities including: Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City to name a few. Listen to Attorney Mohammad Saleem, whose practice focuses on immigration law, explains three ways immigrants can protect themselves from ICE raids/arrest and what to do if their loved ones are arrested. Immigrant families don't have to live in fear of ICE raids. They have rights that they can exercise to protect themselves. Everyone in the US, even if you are an 'undocumented immigrant,' you still have Constitutional rights to be protected in their homes and free from ICE searching their home unless they have a 'search warrant,' remain silent when questioned by ICE, and exercise their right to have a lawyer if arrested.

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Links mentioned in video: ICE Sample Warrant:… If ICE visits your home:… How to locate a person ICE detained:

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