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I was hurt at work, but I cannot pinpoint the exact time of my injury. Can I still file a claim?

Posted by attorney Robert Greiwe


You may be suffering from a Cumulative Trauma Disorder (CTD), or repetitive stress injury. CTD’s usually involve injuries to your knees, back, tendons, elbows, shoulders and hands. These injuries, and pain associated with each, is usually caused or worsened by repetitive motion of the injured area.

The most commonly discussed and well-known CTD is carpal tunnel syndrome. However, CTDs affect more than just the hands of office workers. Earlier this year, a former railroad worker recovered against his employer for the “cumulative trauma injuries" he sustained as a result of the railroad negligently allowing him to mount and dismount moving equipment. The switchman developed a degenerative disc disease in his back. A jury found the railroad company responsible, because they allowed/required the switchman to mount and dismount moving railcars about twenty times a day.

Railroad workers and seamen are especially prone to these types of cumulative injuries. If you were injured at work or believe that you may be suffering from a CTD in the shoulder, back or knee, contact a board certified attorney who is experienced in these types of cases.

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