Written by attorney MacDaniel E Reynolds

I've been arrested for a DUI in Oregon, what happens now?

The criminal justice system is not liner and often not logical. To add a complication, each local jurisdiction does things just a little differently than each other which makes it very challenging for people who are experiencing the system for the very first time. At Reynolds Defense Firm, we have created a case mapping process that we have found truly helps our clients know what to expect throughout the process. We sit down at the beginning of their case and map out the steps that are going to happen at approximately what time during the life of the case. We also talk about what to expect during that time to try and minimize surprises. With over 30 years combined criminal experience, our team knows that things can, and often will change, but we can talk through with our client any expectations of changes or shifts in this map. This way they know what is going to happen in what sequence, they know what our team is doing at each point of the process and what they need to be doing as well. We find it helps our clients to feel more in control and helps us to do a better job for them. If you or someone you care about has been arrested for a DUI, please call for our free consultation (503) 223-3422 so that we can start to take the "what happens now?" burden off your shoulders.

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