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I’m licensed in another state. How will a DWI conviction affect my driving privileges in NC?

If you are licensed in another state and are convicted of a DWI here in North Carolina, your North Carolina driving privileges will be revoked for a period of time, depending upon certain facts. North Carolina DMV will suspend your driving privileges here and then report the conviction back to the state in which you are licensed. If your license in your home state does not end up revoked as a result of the North Carolina conviction, then you basically are just not allowed to drive in North Carolina during this period of suspension unless you have been granted a limited driving privilege. Also, if your license were eligible for renewal while your North Carolina privileges were still suspended, you would not be able to renew your license in your home state while the North Carolina suspension is still in effect. Nor would you be able to get a new license in a different state if you have moved. Even though your actual license doesn’t end up getting suspended, most states do not allow for the renewal or issuance of a NEW license if there are any outstanding holds or suspensions in any of the other 50 states. Almost all of the states share information with one another through a national registry and if there is any suspension in effect in any of the other states, you cannot renew or obtain a new license until those suspensions are cleared.

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