Written by attorney Jonathan Hackworth

I am on Probation in Two Counties, Can They Violate Me on Both?

Yes, they can both violate you for one (1) singular charge. Ultimately, this can lead to one (1) charge leading to a significant amount of jail or prison time. This is especially frustrating where the charge is something relatively minor, like driving while license suspended or revoked.

One of the many benefits of retaining the criminal attorneys of Blumenauer Hackworth in these situations to ensure a coordinated approach is undertaken to handle all the situations. Countless times individuals have three (3) different attorneys handling the cases. The attorneys do not coordinate their efforts and the resolution of the new charge violates the probation resulting in jail/prison for the individual. Our firm has handled many such situations. Additionally, these situations often require the new law violation case be taken to trial because two (2) counties rarely agree with the sentence in light of the new law violation. Many times, a public defender will fail to inquire as to whether someone is on probation and permit the defendant to plea to the charge without considering the potential collateral effects. We have encountered this is especially common when felony probation is involved.

If you or someone you know have concerns about being in probation in two (2) different counties and a potential violation, contact the VOP attorneys of Blumenauer Hackworth for a free case consultation. We look forward to resolving this matter with you.

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