Written by attorney Jonathan C. Ginsberg

How Your Work History Makes You More Believable to Your Social Security Judge

How do you convince your Social Security disability judge that you are telling the truth about your disabling medical conditions? What evidence will convince the judge that you are believable and credible?

Social Security does not want judges to approve or disapprove cases based on what they feel in their gut - in fact, judges are no longer supposed to make “credibility” findings in their decisions. But judges are human beings and if your judge truly believes that you are telling the truth about your physical and mental limitations, you are more likely to win.

As I discuss in this video, many judges use your work history as a barometer to help decide whether or not to approve your case. A disability claimant with a long, consistent work history will have the edge over a person who has jumped from job to job or had gaps in his/her job history prior to becoming disabled.

In my pre-hearing meetings with clients, I encourage my clients to talk about all of the benefits of working - including salary and financial independence, socialization with co-workers and having a sense of purpose in life. I want the judge to conclude that my client would never have left a financially rewarding career to sit at home for 2 to 3 years waiting for Social Security to make a decision about disability.

Although attitude cannot be measured, judges can sense when a claimant is fighting the idea of not working as opposed to someone who has given up and just wants to get paid. And having the right attitude about the disability process can absolutely make the difference between winning and losing your disability claim. #socialsecuritydisabilityhearing #disabilitybenefits #socialsecuritydisabilityjudge

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