Written by attorney Anthony A Arzili

How to Spot Fake Attorney Reviews on Google and Yahoo.


As if finding a good attorney wasn't difficult enough already, with the advent of internet advertising, the consumer now has to deal with one more obstacle: fake reviews. Unscrupulous attorneys are paying companies to write them reviews. Not only is it bad business, its downright unethical. In fact, the New York Attorney General recently sued a business and was able to get damages based on the listing of fake reviews. Reviews on the internet are advertising gold. For businesses, feedback from a customer is perceived as authentic and trustworthy. I take great pride in my law practice. When i am able to secure a great result for a client, I always ask them if they would be so kind to write about it. I find that its the most compelling information for potential clients to have. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous attorneys do not play by the rules. Sites like Avvo are very good and making sure reviews are authentic and safeguarding the process. Google Local (or google maps) and Yahoo Local are open to abuse. Review mills are now big business and write bogus reviews for lawyers on google maps and yahoo. Here's how to spot them: 1) do a google search for an attorney in your city for example "DUI lawyers in Montebello" 2) look at the local listings that come up with multiple reviews. Click on the reviewers name. this should show you other reviews that person has written. Once you see their other reviews, you'll know its all a scam. Some reviewers write 5 reviews in a SINGLE DAY in 5 different States. Clutch repair in Arizona, Therapist in New York, Photographer in Wyoming and finally, local DUI lawyer in Los Angeles, all on the same day. Be a wise consumer and don't take reviews at face value.

Because if you don't take a minute to do your research, you may be taken for a ride. Best of Luck

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