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How to Select an Experienced Drunk Driving Lawyer in Maryland

Posted by attorney Jonathan Smith

A drunk driving arrest creates substantial risks involving loss of your driver’s license, and perhaps even your freedom. It is critical to select and hire an experienced Maryland drunk driving lawyer to advise you and to represent you aggressively.

Many people who are charged with drunk driving receive a pile of solicitation letters in the mail from attorneys they have never met. There are companies that review court filings on a daily basis and then sell lists of names to attorneys. These attorneys then mail form letters soliciting their services. These solicitation letters often include absurdly low legal fees, and mislead the public regarding the true cost of experienced and qualified lawyers.

There are several attorney disciplinary cases involving clients who responded to solicitation letters in the mail and suffered the consequences. In one case, Maryland’s highest court suspended the attorney’s right to practice law, concluding that the attorney was “running a high-volume operation without managerial safeguards and that, as a result, clients were not afforded competent representation." In another case, the attorney’s right to practice law was suspended indefinitely after the court concluded that clients, who had responded to solicitation letters, had been abandoned and their cases not prepared properly. Remember the adage, “You get what you pay for." Ask yourself, would you select a surgeon to perform surgery on you based upon solicitation letters you received in the mail?

Before selecting a drunk driving lawyer, there are important questions to ask. These include:

§ How long has the lawyer practiced law?

§ Has the lawyer ever been a criminal prosecutor?

§ Has the lawyer ever published books on criminal law?

§ What is the lawyer’s reputation, for both legal skill and professional ethics?

§ How many drunk driving cases has the lawyer handled?

§ How many drunk driving cases has the lawyer actually taken to trial, rather than plea bargained?

§ What results has the lawyer obtained?

Your liberty, employment, and driver’s license are too important to entrust a drunk driving defense to an experienced lawyer. Review lawyers' websites, and ask these questions when you meet with attorneys before making this important decision.

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