Written by attorney Wojciech Zbigniew Kornacki

How to Respond to Notice of Proposed Suspension or Debarment (

Suspension and Debarment Officials issue notices of proposed suspension or debarment to companies and individuals if there has been misconduct undermining the integrity of the procurement system. This Guide will provide general advice on how to respond to the notices. Educational Use Only

Additional resources provided by the author

DoD's General Counsel Homepage - Army's General Counsel Homepage - Air Force's General Counsel Homepage - Navy's General Counsel Homepage - Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) - Interagency Suspension and Debarment Committee (ISDC) - DCMA Contract Integrity Center - Air Force's General Counsel Contractor Responsibility - EPA's Suspension and Debarment Program - GSA Excluded Parties List System (EPLS) - Federal Acquistion Regulation (FAR) - Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) - DFARS Appendix H - Standards of Conduct Office - Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals - Army Fraud Fighters - Air Force Contractor Responsibility - Navy Suspension and Debarment - Inter-Agency Suspension and Debarment Committee -

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