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How to reschedule an appointment with USCIS

If you have a valid reason for missing your appointment, there is no penalty to reschedule.

If you have an appointment with United States Immigration and Citizenship Services (USCIS), especially a citizenship interview, but you are unable to attend, you can reschedule it. While your case will take longer to complete, there is usually no penalty for rescheduling an appointment.

What if I cannot make my scheduled appointment with USCIS?

You should request to reschedule in writing to USCIS, following the instructions on your interview notice. You should explain the situation, and attach a copy of the interview notice with your letter. In your request, you will have to show that you cannot make the date because of circumstances that are beyond your control. Be sure to send the request to the address of the USCIS field office that will be holding your interview.

What happens if I miss my scheduled appointment with USCIS?

At the very least, missing your scheduled appointment could delay your case for several weeks. At the most, missing your scheduled appointment with prior notice could result in denial of your application altogether. Although it may be inconvenient, try your best to adjust your schedule for the appointment.

When is it OK to miss an appointment with USCIS?

You should never just skip your USCIS interview date. If you do not show up without notifying USCIS first, they could deny your application or close your case, forcing you to start from the beginning and apply again or to formally request that your case be reopened.

USCIS will generally only give you a new date if you can show that you had a good reason to miss your appointment—if you have a legitimate emergency or if you are sick.

Keep in mind that USCIS recommends cancelling and rescheduling your appointment if you are feeling sick.

What if I cannot make the biometrics appointment with USCIS?

Fortunately, not being able to attend your biometrics appointment is not as critical as missing your actual interview date. If you cannot make your biometrics appointment, you might be able to do a “walk-in” appointment.

To do this, go to the field office where your biometrics appointment is scheduled before your scheduled date, and see if you would be able to complete the biometrics exam on a walk-in basis. Since this is a pretty quick and standard process, USCIS should be able to accommodate it. Try to go at a time that the office is not very busy—usually mid-morning or mid-afternoon on a weekday.

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