Written by attorney Jodi Brenner Ginsberg

How to Protect Yourself from Unfair Denial of Medical Care in your Georgia Work Injury Case

In my Georgia workers’ compensation law practice I see more back injury cases than just about any other injury. If you are pursuing a work injury claim due to back pain, limitation of movement, and overall weakness, you must proceed carefully when you speak to your doctor.

As I discuss in this video, the “industrial clinic” doctors that you often see right after you report your injury will not ask probing questions. If you say “my lower back hurts,” the workers’ compensation doctor will not necessary ask about radiating pain into your hips or legs, or numbness in your calf and toes.

The industrial clinic doctor’s report will often describe a very limited region of pain. The problem for you, as a workers compensation claimant, is that if you later ask for care to treat that numbness or nerve pain, the insurance company may deny coverage for that part of your body.

As frustrating and unfair as this may be, I frequently see cases where an insurance company will not authorize payment to your treating doctor for body parts obviously and logically connected to your original injury.

Obviously the insurance company’s motivation has to do with money and their desire to reduce the settlement value of your case. You can fight back by describing your work injury as broadly and completely as possible so that your medical record reflects damage to all impacted body parts.

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