Written by attorney Jacqueline Harounian

How to Protect Yourself and Your Children from Domestic Violence

Additional resources provided by the author

National Hotlines An information service which offers local referrals for testing, support groups, and counseling. National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE A national helpline which provides crisis assistance and information about shelters, legal advocacy, and counseling. National Victim Center: 1-800-FYI-CALL An information and referral service for victims of domestic violence or rape. Nassau Hotlines Al-Anon/Alateen: (516) 433-8003 A hotline which refers friends and family members of alcoholics to local support groups. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Hotline of Nassau County: (516) 481-4000 A 24-hour alcohol and drug abuse information, referral, and crisis helpline. Alcoholics Anonymous: (516) 292-3040 A hotline which provides alcohol abusers with referrals to local AA group meetings. Children of Alcoholics or Drug Abusers: (516) 588-6676 A YMCA Family Services support group for children (young and adult) of substance abusers. Domestic Violence Hotline: (516) 485-4600 A helpline which offers a program specifically for abusive men seeking counseling and/or referrals. LIAAC: Long Island Association for AIDS Care: (516) 385-AIDS A hotline and referral service offering AIDS information, full client services, support groups, a legal clinic, a buddy program, and pastoral care. Narcotics Anonymous: (516) 937-6262 A hotline for drug abusers which makes referrals to local NA support group meetings. Nassau Coalition Against Domestic Violence: (516) 542-0404 An organization that offers counseling, shelter, and legal help to victims of abuse. Suicide Hotline of Nassau: (516) 679-1111 A crisis intervention and referral hotline for suicide, substance abuse, and other problems. Families Anonymous: (516) 221-0303 A support and referral hotline for family members of drug and/or alcohol abusers. Long Island Women's Coalition, Inc. Hotline: (516) 666-8833 A helpline which offers referrals, counseling, shelter, and court advocacy for battered women. Narcotics Anonymous: (516) 853-3760 A hotline for drug abusers which makes referrals to local NA support group meetings. Nar-Anon: (516) 582-6465 A hotline which refers family members of drug abusers to local Nar-Anon support group meetings. Response of Suffolk County: (516) 751-7500 A crisis intervention and treatment hotline (suicide, drug, alcohol, domestic violence, etc.). Victims Information Bureau (VIBS): (516) 360-3606 A rape and domestic violence hotline Long Island Clinic and Treatment Program Referrals To locate the nearest alcohol or drug abuse clinic, outpatient treatment program, inpatient treatment program, or clinical therapy center, call one of the following information and referral helplines: (Insurance and fee information is available.) Nassau County Department of Drug and Alcohol Addiction: (516) 572-5500 A counselor will make an assessment and set up an appointment for anyone seeking help with a drug or alcohol abuse problem. Local referrals will then be made to clinics, outpatient programs, and inpatient programs, depending on the specific needs and desires of the patient. Nassau residents only.

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