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How to make co-parenting work during a divorce

Posted by attorney Nicole Boros

When you are going through a divorce, your spouse is usually the last person that you want to be cooperative with. However, being able to effectively co-parent with your spouse is the most important part of the process for your children. Here are a few co-parenting guidelines that you should strive to follow:

  1. Make a parenting plan with the other parent and agree to stick to it. This should include issues involving schools, extra-curricular activities, etc.

  2. Make a list of rules for your children that will be enforced at both households and agree on the punishment if these rules are not followed.

  3. Never, under any circumstances, fight with the other parent in front of your children.

  4. Refrain from making negative statements about the other parent directly to your children or in the presence of your children.

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