Written by attorney Alexander Barrett Ramey

How to Handle a Misplaced Broward County Traffic Ticket

If you receive a speeding ticket or any other traffic ticket in Broward County you have 30 days to pay it, elect traffic school, or fight it.

If you lost your Broward traffic ticket don't worry. You can go to the Clerk of the Courts, 17th Judicial Circuit of Florida, Broward County's website by clicking here.

You can search for your ticket by citation number, or name. If you are searching by name and your ticket is not coming up it may be because of how your name was entered into the system. For example, if your name is Juan Carlos Gonzalez Perez, You may want to try entering your last name as: Gonzalez, Perez, Gonzalez Perez, or GonzalezPerez, etc.

Once you find your record, verify that it is the right one by looking at the issue date and the charges, and then write down the case number. (The Broward County Clerk of the Courts prefers the case number to the citation number.) You will need this case number to reference payments by mail, elect traffic school, or enter a plea of not guilty.

If you cannot find your ticket online, don't give up. Sometimes it takes a while for the ticket to be entered into the system. If you are getting close to the end of the thirty-day period after issuance, you should go in person to the Courthouse, and ask one of the Clerks of Court to help you find it.

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