Written by attorney John Griffin Watts

How to file your answer in an Alabama Small Claims debt collection lawsuit

If you represent yourself, I can't tell you what to put in your answer, but I can walk you through what you will be looking at when you file your answer.

On the answer form, you will see 4 boxes, A, B. C, and D.

Box A: This box says that you were sued in the wrong county.

If this applies to your case, then you would check this box and provide the correct county.

Box B: This box says that you agree with the Plaintiff and you agree with the Plaintiff.

If this applies to your case, then you would check this box. I'm not sure how you would know you owe a debt buyer such as Midland Funding any money but that's your decision.

Box C: This box says that you only owe part of what the plaintiff claims you owe.

If this applies to you, then you check this box. Again I doubt this would be the case.

Finally, there's Box D.

Box D says that you don't owe the Plaintiff anything.

If this applies to your case, which is usually the case, then you would check this box. Most consumers also put something about "I don't owe Plaintiff any money and the statute of limitations has expired."

Once you've checked the box that relates to your case, you'll sign your name where it says "Defendant/Attorney signature."

I recommend making copies of your answer and scanning it in.

When you go to file your answer, take the original and a copy of it and ask the court clerk to stamp the copy of your answer.

Then scan in your stamped copy of the answer.

Also, send one copy of your answer to the collection lawyer.

Hope this is helpful to you!

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