Written by attorney Allen G Drescher

How to File a Claim against a Construction Contractor's Bond in Oregon

To file a claim against a construction contractor's bond in Oregon you need to either get a judgment against the contractor or an award against the contractor from the Oregon Construction Contractor's Board. It is much easier and less expensive to get an award from the CCB. To file a complaint against a contractor with the CCB, got to and go to complaints and owner complaints. (complaints can also be filed by subcontractors, suppliers and employees). The CCB website is very user friendly and provides the forms that you will need. The first step is to send a pre-complaint notice to the contractor by certified mail to the address on file with the CCB. The CCB website provides a form of pre-complaint notice and instructions on how to send it by certified mail. Be sure and follow the instructions carefully. For example, you need to go to the post office to mail the certified notice and have a postal clerk stamp the portion of the certified mail form that you keep, showing the date of mailing. You will need to attach that form, with the post office stamp showing the date of mailing, to the complaint that you will file with the CCB. You also have to wait 30 days after sending the pre-complaint notice before you can file the complaint with the CCB. After the complaint is filed, the CCB will send an investigator to the site to conduct an investigation and to interview the complainant and the contractor. The investigator also will attempt to settle the claim, and if a settlement can be reached, he will prepare a settlement agreement on the spot to be signed by the parties. In my experience, the CCB investigator does an excellent job and he is able to settle most of the claims at the investigation phase so you never have to go to a hearing.

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There is an excellent explanation of the process on the CCB website: I suggest that you load up your printer with paper and print out the pamphlet that the CCB website offers.

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