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How To Fight A Ticket For Multiple Traffic Violations

You started out with speeding through a neighborhood, but your taillight was also out and oh yes, you forgot to wear your seat belt. Of course, a police officer just happened to be in the right place in the right time, pulled you over and cited you for the taillight (VC 27315), your seat belt (VC 24600(b)) and unsafe speed (VC 22350).

Can the ticket be fought and won? Yes!

But you should also weigh the consequences of each violation and realize the financial cost of entering a plea to any of those charges. Then you should under the defenses to each them.

For instance, the seatbelt violation and tail light are not point violations that would regularly effect your drivers record and insurance rates. But the speeding ticket can cause you thousands over the length of several years in insurance costs. The speeding portion of your ticket may also be successfully fought depending on weather conditions, surrounding traffic, type of road or zone you were driving through, if there was a valid traffic survey presented at trial, etc. But you should also know that if the judge and officer agree with you to dismiss the speeding ticket in an exchange for a plea to the seatbelt violation and proof of having fixed your taillight, you could save thousands of dollars.

One of the most important aspects of the cumulative ticket and why you should decide to fight it, is the assigning of points to your license and individual fines for each infraction. Additionally, if you receive multiple tickets for the same violation over a short period of time, fines may increase and you risk having your license suspended.

Any traffic ticket can be challenged and for a cumulative ticket you especially need the help of an experienced traffic ticket attorney.

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