Written by attorney Andrew John Contiguglia

How to collaborate with others on YouTube -- 6 Essential Legal Tips

Wondering how to collaborate with other YouTube influencers, or any other people, in 2018? Collaboration with other influencers and people is a great way to gain attention and growth to your audience platform. But every influencer should be prepared to use a release and consent agreement in his or her online endeavors.

In an effort to safeguard protection of the influencer, and influencer should include these following six clauses in any agreement they reach for collaboration.

Here are 6 essential contract clauses to protect you while you build your audience.

1.The preamble: the preamble identifies the type of agreement, the date of the agreement, and who the parties are to the agreement when looking to acquire a consent or release from a willing participant;

2.The consent: the collaboration agreement should also contain a consent clause, making it clear that the collaborators agree to be filmed and recorded.

3.The assignment: every contract in this genre should have an assignment of rights. Legally, this clause gives the influencer the right to use the collaborators image, name, likeness, and any other rights needed to include the collaborator in the project. It also grants the influencer ownership rights over the collaborators contributions.

4.The waiver: this clause should be included in a collaboration agreement to prevent the collaborator from later suing the influencer for claims arising from the collaborators involvement in the coproduction.

  1. Irrevocability: such a clause limits the influencer's liability by stating that the agreement is a revocable. This prevents a collaborator from arguing that the agreement has previously been terminated. This can create difficulty for the collaborator bring any claims in the future.

6.Jurisdiction clause: every contract should have a clause which specifies the state law governing the agreement and any disputes concerning it.

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