Written by attorney James Fulton Stanley III

How To Choose the Right Defense Attorney

When you have been charged with a crime and ordered to appear in court, is intimidating or, for some, overwhelming. This is a normal reaction. The entire experience is foreign to you. You do not know what to expect. You do not know the court customs, the unwritten rules, the judges or the court staff. There are many unknowns when an individual is subjected to the justice system. How will the prosecutor and judge evaluate my case? Will the witnesses cooperate with the government? What can be done to effectively present mitigation to the prosecutor and judge to influence their decisions that will affect me, possibly for rest of my life? Over many, many years dealing with prosecutors and judges, Mr. Stanley has developed a keen awareness and skill in developing the best plan to address these questions and obtain the best possible outcome for his clients.

If you are being investigated for a crime or you have been arrested and charged with a crime, you need on your side an attorney with specialized experience in criminal law. There is no substitute for experience. I cannot emphasize this enough.

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