Written by attorney Daniel Joseph Palmer

How to challenge a protective order filed against you.

When I was working as an Assistant District Attorney, I co-directed a seminar explaining the complexities of the Protective Order system in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. Here are some vital tips regarding two of the most common types of protective orders I have summarized from my lecture.

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Though these are the most common forms of PO’s here in Texas, they do exist in many other forms. You may be wondering why PO’s are so important to learn about. It is important to note that if you are accused of family violence and have a PO issued against you, there are many severe consequences that could arise, EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT GUILTY OF FAMILY VIOLENCE AND DO NOT VIOLATE THE PROTECTIVE ORDER. Just a few of these consequences are: • Being charged with a Misdemeanor criminal offense • Being charged with a Felony criminal offense • If you have children with the accuser, never being allowed to see your children again • Alterating of divorce/custody arrangements previously entered by a court • Losing the ability to own or possess a firearm for your entire lifetime • Being kicked out of your home • Losing your job • Losing various types of licensures • Losing the ability to visit places you have been visiting for years (churches, nursing homes, schools, etc.) • Many, many other consequences

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