Written by attorney Shalev Amar

How to Avoid Four Common Lemon Law Rip-Offs (Video)

This is a video about how to avoid 4 common Lemon Law Rip-Offs. I explain How to Avoid Lemon Law Rip-Off No. 1: NEVER sign your rights away in exchange for a minimal compensation offer from a car, motorcycle, boat, or RV company, How to Avoid Lemon Law Rip-Off No. 2: When picking up your vehicle after a warranty repair is completed, NEVER leave a repair shop or authorized repairing dealership without being given repair records showing everything that was done to it and listing all of your defect complaints, How to Avoid Lemon Law Rip-Off No. 3: NEVER sign an out of court Lemon Law representation agreement that charges you for attorneys’ fees, has ways you can be charged for attorneys’ fees, or allows the attorney to be paid more than you out of a cash compensation settlement, How to Avoid Lemon Law Rip-Off No. 4: Do not try to resolve a Lemon Law claim through the Car Companies’ BBB Auto Line or NCDS arbitration process.

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