Written by attorney Samuel Eugene Spital

How the OIG impacts a License as a Doctor, Nurse or other Health Care Professionals

OIG is the Federal Government's Office of Inspector General. An individual can be placed on the internet published List of Excluded Individuals because of a conviction, patient neglect or abuse &/or license suspension or revocation. The consequences are that you will be barred from employment in any capacity in any facility that accepts Medicare or Medicaid.

While this may not end one's career forever, it effectively prevents a health professional from working unless and until they apply for reinstatement. In addition, the information that is published on the internet includes the health professional's full name, address and date of birth.

There are various time periods in which one remains excluded. For example, the minimum period of time one is on the List of Excluded Individuals when there has been a suspension or revocation imposed by a State Licensing Board will be the actual period of probation imposed as the disciplinary action (often three to five years). You may apply for reinstatement within 90 days of the expiration of the exclusion, and it can take up to six months or more for the OIG to rule on the case.

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The address to apply for reinstatement is: Department of Health & Human Services Office of Inspector General Exclusions Staff 7175 Security Boulevard, Suite 210 Baltimore, MD 21244

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