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How Poor Weather May Affect a Car Accident Insurance Claim

Liability is obviously a major part of your car accident insurance claim. But it may be complicated if the responsible party blames poor weather conditions as the cause of the accident. While this will be considered when evaluating what led to the accident, drivers are still held accountable for accidents they cause and are expected to use caution in adverse weather conditions. A personal injury attorney in Dunn, NC can review the circumstances of the claim to help you determine if the weather will be a major factor in the claim.

How Bad Weather Affects Driving

Heavy rain and snow can affect visibility, especially if the windshield wipers cannot get the rain and snow off the windshields fast enough. In addition, fog can make it difficult to see far ahead and may accompany other poor weather conditions.

Bad weather also can decrease traction on the roadways. Rain can create puddles on the road, which can cause vehicles to hydroplane. Snow and ice can cause slippery roadways, which can cause vehicles to spin out of control and collide into other vehicles or objects.

Strong winds can cause less-than-desirable driving conditions. These winds can cause a vehicle to drift into the other lane or may force the vehicle off the road altogether.

How Bad Weather Affects Car Accident Insurance Claims

Generally, bad weather can make driving more difficult, and some drivers may exacerbate the dangerous conditions. Reckless drivers may try to drive as fast as they can through snow, sleet or rain, for example, which could cause them to lose control. Some may weave in and out of traffic, which can be especially dangerous when the roads are slick. Similarly, some drivers may tailgate other vehicles, which may increase the likelihood of a rear-end collision.

Contact a personal injury attorney inDunn,North Carolinaif another vehicle caused your accident during bad weather conditions. When insurance companies look at car accident insurance claims, they will take the weather into account, but the weather will not excuse another driver’s negligence and fault in the accident. Drivers who cause an accident still will be held liable for any damages stemming from the accident.

Be sure to obtain a copy of the police report or take photographs at the scene demonstrating the weather conditions present at the time of the accident. Just like other car accident insurance claims, compensation may be recovered for medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and other costs associated with the accident and its effects on your life.

Contacting a Personal Injury Attorney in Dunn, North Carolina

No matter how a car accident happens, it can result in vehicle damage, serious injuries and even fatalities. Drivers are expected to use caution when on the road, including when adverse weather conditions are present. Drivers who cause an accident in bad weather generally are still liable for the accident.

A personal injury attorney in Dunn, North Carolinaat Brent Adams & Associates can assist car accident victims with insurance claims regardless of the weather. Contact us at 1-910-892-8177.

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