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How Much Will My Dispute Cost to Resolve?

One of the most routine questions in the initial consultation about your legal dispute is, how much will it cost? This is a good question. There is not a simple answer. This Legal Guide gives a plausible explanation about this questions and the answer. Predicting the Future No lawyer can't predict what your opponent is going to do in the case. If there is a rational and reasonable approach to the dispute resolution, contested issues can be resolved inexpensively. But, if emotions run high then there can be hurdles and delays along the way. Each of those delays increase costs, because disputes come up that have to be resolved. Those will delay final resolution of the case and add to the legal fees. What Can I Do to Keep My Dispute Resolution Costs Down? 1. Be organized. Your lawyer needs documents and information in order to negotiate and prepare your matter for resolution. Make that information available that you have. This can save your attorney time, you can save time and legal fees money. 2. Control your emotions. Getting a case resolution rarely vindicates every single aspect of a dispute. Pick your battles. Keep your eye on the prize, which is winning the case, not every single battle along the way. 3. Use common sense. Your problems did not arise overnight. They will not be solved overnight, either. Understand that your laywer practices law, not magic. Keeping and using your common sense is the best way to proceed.

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