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How Much Veterans Disability Compensation Does VA Pay for a Service-Connected Disability?

A Veteran who has a service-connected injury or disease, can recover monthly benefits based on the percentage of disability assigned by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (the "VA"). This is called the "schedular rating," and the percentage that is assigned is based on VA regulations. Each type of injury or disease has different requirements to get higher ratings. Medical records are key to showing that a Veteran gets a certain percentage rating.

For 2010 (and later until these amounts are changed), VA service-connected compensation payments are based on the following percentage ratings:

2010 VA Disability Compensation Rates

Veteran’s Disability Rating

Monthly Rate Paid to Veterans

10 percent


20 percent


30 percent*


40 percent*


50 percent*


60 percent*


70 percent*


80 percent*


90 percent*


100 percent*


*Note that Veterans with disability ratings of at least 30 percent are eligible for additional payments for dependents. A dependent may include a wife or husband, minor children, children between the ages of 18 and 23 who are attending school, children who are permanently incapable of self-support because of a disability arising before age 18, and dependent parents. How much additional money depends on the Veteran's disability rating and the number of dependents.

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If your claim for a service-connected disability or an increase in your disability rating has been denied the VA Regional Office ("RO"), you should consult with an attorney for advice about an appeal to the Board of Veterans Appeals or a Decision Review Officer hearing. See the links below for more information about VA benefits.

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