Written by attorney Anna Katherine Stone

How much money can you expect from Florida Workers' Compensation?

Everyone wants to know how much money they will get from workers' compensation in Florida.

  1. They use the 13 weeks prior to your accident and come up with an average. This is referred to as your Average Weekly Wage (AWW). This is the starting point to determine what your bi-weekly payment would be. In Florida, you are paid on a bi-weekly basis.

  2. It is important this number is correct and includes all of your earnings from your employer as well as it can include money from a part-time job you held prior to the accident if performed in the 13 weeks before the accident. We refer to this as your concurrent earnings. You must have paid taxes on this money or will be paying taxes on this money.

  3. You have restrictions from your doctor that preclude you from returning to your normal job and the employer offers you a job within the restrictions outlined by your doctor. If you refuse to at least attempt that job or perform that job (so long as it truly is within your restrictions), then workers' comp could refuse to pay you as they will determine you voluntarily limited your income.

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