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How much does a DUI cost?

It's not just the fine--there are additional fees and costs that can make it very expensive to get a DUI.

Federal Regulations

The question of “who pays?” is more abstract than it sounds. There are different types of work tools—including personal protective equipment (like gloves) and company uniforms. The U.S. Department of Labor sets a few blanket guidelines:

  1. The cost of equipment or uniforms many not reduce the employee’s wages below the federal minimum.
  2. The cost of equipment or uniforms uniform may not be taken out of the employee’s overtime pay (required >40 hours).

So, if you are paid minimum wage, then you cannot be asked to pay for anything extra—as it would de-facto reduce your income unlawfully low. Also, it cannot be deducted from any overtime pay you might receive.

If you are paid above $7.25 an hour, then an employer may technically deduct from your wages to pay for uniforms or job equipment (even if that equipment is required by law).

Federal OSHA guidelines do not require employers to buy gloves and hairnets for food workers.

It’s worth noting, however, that having employees pay for their own gear could be bad for business. Employees that feel unappreciated may seek work elsewhere.

State Variations

The second element is state law. Some states choose to get much pickier about employees bearing the costs of doing business.

Other relevant considerations are: state law on payroll deductions and state minimum wage.

With respect to uniforms, below is a quick summary of state laws. As laws can be difficult to understand, let alone find—consider a phone call with a lawyer for specific help.

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