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How Long Does Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Take?

Posted by attorney Kourosh Pourmorady

Usually, most Chapter 7 cases take anywhere from 3 month to 6 month before debt is discharged. Depending on the district of filing, certain debts will not be discharged, such as student loans and back owed taxes. Securities securing secured debts, such as real property in mortgage loans, will revert back to the original creditor. Unsecured debt, such as credit card purchases and medical bills, will be dropped unless creditors can demonstrate a pattern of ill intentions and evil doing. Previous judgments and child support payments can be discharged through Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

All discharged debts become invalid releasing debtor from liability of repayment. Creditors of discharged debts can’t pursue debtors for payment or collection. Very rarely, the court may grant an appeal to discharged credit holders. Chapter 7 filers will need to attend and be present at a number of court hearing including question sessions conducted by their creditors.

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