Written by attorney Paul Frederick Shoemaker

How is Child Support Determined and Paid in Minnesota?

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Minnesota Department of Human Services provides a web-based calculator that is available to the public for calculating basic child support and medical and child care support. Please understand that the final amount of child support ordered by a Court may differ from the results obtained through this calculation (for example, if the calculation is based on incorrect or incomplete information) but the calculator is routinely used by magistrates, referees and judges to calculate child support in Minnesota. The calculator is at You will need to input your basic information and then submit the information for calculation. If you have questions, click on the instruction link for additional information. “Parent A” is the parent without primary physical custody or court-ordered parenting of 45% or less. If both parents share equal parenting time, Parent A is the parent with the higher income. “Parent B” is the parent with physical custody or parenting time exceeding 46% or the parent with the lower income if parenting time is shared equally. If you have questions, visit the Department of Human Services website for additional information.

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