Written by attorney Alan James Brinkmeier

How Fast Can I Get Evicted - Illinois Five-Day Notice

A really common Illinois eviction notice is a five-day notice for rent non-payment. The five-day notice details how much rent is owed. The notice gives five days to the renter to make good on the money owed. If the tenant catches up within the allowed five days, the renter cannot legally be evicted. If they don't, the landlord is then able to sue to evict by way of a lawsuit. The most common delay before filing in court, then, simply depends on how much time a particular landlord takes to act. Once an eviction lawsuit is filed, the Illinois court rules say the first court date must be between 7 and 40 days after the summons is issued to the tenant. Summonses are usually issued the day the case is filed or sometimes the next day. There can be delays in service of the summons. That means that in an eviction case, the fastest possible first court date is seven days after the lawsuit is filed. There is no telling what other kinds of delays might arise in the lawsuit.... but.... consult with your lawyer when you are given the five-day notice to evict for rent non-payment.

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