Written by attorney Michael T Gibson

How Expert Witnesses Can Help Your Case in a Car Accident

Florida car accidents are traumatizing events. They leave both parties shaken and wondering what happened and what they must do next. While everything may seem straightforward to you at the scene of the accident in determining fault, insurance companies make the final decision in who was to blame for the accident. This can leave you without the compensation you deserve from a car crash in Florida.

This is where expert witnesses come in and can help strengthen your case allowing you to get more in your settlement and avoid low-ball offers made by insurance companies. Some of the most common expert witnesses include:

  • Doctors
  • Engineers
  • Forensics Experts
  • Law Officers
  • Medical Professionals

As you start to work with your personal injury attorney in Florida on your settlement case, you may find that you need at least one of these witnesses on your side. When you work with an expert witness, you get the opinion of someone who is qualified, reliable, and respected in their field of expertise.

Once you find an expert witness that meets this description you can work with him to expose details about the car crash that show negligence on behalf of the other party. This is used to help substantiate your claim already made to the insurance company and therefore help strengthen your argument. The expert witness will arrive in court and testify based on their knowledge of a specific area. They can also prepare written reports that can be used during negotiations for your settlement.

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For help obtaining these expert witnesses and making a strong claim, contact the experienced legal team at Michael T. Gibson, P.A., by calling 888.465.1577. We know what it takes to battle the insurance companies and we can help you find advocates that will give your case the boost it needs to succeed in court.

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