Written by attorney Artin Yadegarian

How Does Social Media Use Impact My Lawsuit?

Social Media is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon that is having a real life impact on lawsuits.

For those individuals who are active in social media sites, they have to be very careful about sharing personal information. People who participate on social media sites may be inclined to post and share information after an unusual event happens to them, such as the events giving rise to a lawsuit.

During the past decade and with the development of the internet, insurance companies use the web to simply type the victim's name into any search engine, access the victim’s social media site or blog, and read the victim's posts and view his/her pictures. The insurance company’s access to such information obviously depends on the victim’s privacy settings.

A Few Simple Tips:

First, be sure to let your lawyer know about what social media sites your are on, so he/she can best advise you on what you should do for your specific case. Second, consider deleting or suspending your account until the lawsuit is resolved. If you decide to delete or suspend your account, be sure to first discuss this with your attorney since you may be potentially destroying relevant evidence. If, on the other hand, you decide to keep your account active, set all of your privacy settings as high as possible to limit the insurance company or defense attorney from viewing your posts. Lastly and most importantly, be sure not to post any information about your lawsuit or conversations with your attorney.

While involved in a lawsuit, it is generally best to stay away from social media altogether. If you do decide to use your accounts, again, be sure to set all of your privacy settings as high as possible.

If in doubt, consult with your attorney.

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If you are an active and avid social media participant, make sure to discuss that with your attorney immediately when consulting with them on a legal matter.

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